Jungian Coaching

Jungian coaching is a growth-oriented process which combines conscious and intellectual work with deep emotional experience and contact with the unconscious. It is based on the Depth Psychological approach and theory of Carl Jung. In the coaching process, creative methods, especially active imagination, are used as bridges to the unconscious.

Jungian Coaching is NOT PSYCHOTHERAPY, but it can be a deeply transforming process. The coaching process is a highly suitable for individuals who are not in need of Psychotherapy but feel the need for personal growth and a pull towards wholeness. Jungian Coaching is an excellent tool in life transitions and normative crises of change. Jungian Coaching requires stability in mental health, and is not a substitute for treatment of mental health problems.

In the Jungian Coaching process, the coach and coachee are always equals, and the coachee is the expert in her/his life situation.

Individual Coaching (private clients, companies and executive clients)

Meetings take place in a safe online environment, using ZoomPro. The basic individual coaching process is usually 1 + 6 sessions long, with session 1 being a free-of-charge short introduction (30 min) and "chemistry assessment" of working together (this can also be incorporated to the first coaching session). After session one, the coachee is free to decide whether to continue to the coaching process or not. The coaching sessions are generally 60 minutes long and happen weekly or every other week. Agreed implementation of work is completed between sessions.


Private clients and microbusinesses

160 € / £ 150 / $ 180 per 60 min session (PayPal) (incl. tax).

Corporate clients

160 € + VAT tax 24% = 198,40 € £ 170 / $ 215  per 60 min session (PayPal).

If you are a Finnish resident, please refer to the pricing and taxes in the Finnish language version of the page.

Jungian Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an effective and affordable option for those wanting to reflect, share and be supported in their journey by others. Group size is 4-8 participants, and the language used is English. A Group Coaching process is 6 sessions long with meetings every other week. Agreed homework is completed between sessions.

Details on new coaching groups will be updated soon.

Pricing for Group Coaching:

Private clients and microbusinesses

105 € / £ 115 / $ 125 per person / 120 min session (PayPal) (incl tax).

Corporate clients

105 €+ VAT tax 24% = 130,20 € £ 115 / $ 140 per 120 min session (PayPal) (incl tax).