About Us

My name is Nina Pyykkönen and I am a middle aged woman. By education and profession I am a Clinical Psychologist Psyc.Lic, Individual and Group Psychotherapist, Jungian Coach, Clinical and Workplace Supervisor, Ecotherapist (Tariki Trust), Yoga Teacher and Health Qigong Instructor. Nature connection and creativity are at the core of my activities and values, both at work and in my free time.

I am Antti-Jussi Pyykkönen, by education PhD, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Jungian Coach and Workplace Supervisor. Half of my day is dedicated to supervisory work, collaborating with both groups and individuals within diverse public and private sector organizations. The remaining half is devoted to my role as a psychotherapist in my private practice. Outside of my professional life, I am an avid nature enthusiast and photographer.

We are based in Hyvinkää and Järvenpää, Southern Finland, and we are happy to work both locally and remotely through ZoomPro wherever you are. We speak Finnish and English fluently.